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July 13, 2023

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Security personnel play a crucial role for enterprises that seek to safeguard their possessions, patrons, and staff
from various forms of harm. These individuals hold an important role in upholding the total security and safety
of the property, supervising all aspects and guaranteeing no harmful incidents take place.

Thus, if you’re contemplating employing guards, you must determine if you desire armed or unarmed security guards. The choice
relies on the amount of funds you are able to allocate and the nature of your business and potential risks you
might confront.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guard implies there are protectors who are proficient in operating arms in a safe
manner. They know the proper way to utilize those objects and take care of all protection. In general, they
acquire the same training as police officers, undergo background investigations, refreshment courses, and
frequent medication checks. The team will safeguard and secure all personnel, clients, and stock from wrongdoers.
They can utilize deadly violence if necessary.

You Might Need Armed Security Guards If:

  1. Your business is in a high-crime area.
  2. You deal with high-value products like jewelry, artwork, or high-end fashion products.
  3. Your business handles large amounts of cash, such as banks, credit unions, or check cashing services.
  4. You want the presence of an armed guard to deter potential threats at your place of business. This
    could apply to hospitals, government buildings, airports, or grocery stores.
  5. You transport cash or other valuables.
  6. You host large events like concerts or sporting events.

Unarmed Security Guards

security guards act as protection and monitoring without possessing deadly weapons. They are trained to handle
various scenarios and provide a belief of security to consumers, guards, and visitors. Unarmed security guards
are usually employed for overseeing entry to premises, deterring theft or destruction, and dealing with
emergencies or disruptions.

One of the advantages of unarmed security guards is that their presence alone can inhibit unlawful behavior.
Offenders are less likely to attempt wrongdoing when they observe a guard on the premises. Unarmed security guards are also skilled in
resolving disputes and managing problematic individuals in a composed and professional way, without employing
coercive measures.

Another benefit of unarmed security guards is that they are often more approachable compared to armed guards.
They can interact with patrons or attendees with friendliness and assistance, improving the overall experience
for visitors. Unarmed security guards also add a personal element for security purposes by being accessible to
provide answers or directions.

In general, security guards without weapons act as a reliable means to offer extra security
measures for your organization or function. However, it should be mentioned that they may not be suitable for
every scenario. They offer a noticeable hindrance to criminal behavior, can respond to critical situations or
disruptions, and enhance the overall experience of patrons and attendees.

You Can Use Unarmed Security Guards If:

  1. Your business is inside a mall that has its own armed security guards and does not allow tenants to have their own.
  2. There is a police presence nearby that can respond quickly to a call for help.
  3. Your business is in a low-risk area.
  4. Your security guards are inside an office building and their main role is to
    limit access.
  5. Your business is in a place where people might feel unsafe or intimidated by deadly weapons, such as
    schools, churches, or museums.
  6. Your security guards mainly provide information to visitors.
  7. You have a limited budget.

Difference Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

security guards

Initially and primarily, the evident contrast between guards who are armed and those who are unarmed security guards is that armed guards carry lethal firearms and other deadly weaponry. Unarmed security guards, however, lack any armaments. This implies that security personnel are permitted to employ lethal force if essential to ensure their safety or the safety of others. In the meantime, security personnel without weapons depend on the education they acquired and their ability to communicate to reduce the intensity of potentially risky scenarios.

Having security personnel within your premises may appear to be the top strategy to safeguard your safety and the protection of your workers or visitors. Nevertheless, it isn’t frequently the circumstance. Actually, in numerous scenarios, security personnel without weapons can potentially be more impactful. Unarmed security personnel are often more friendly and can communicate with patrons or visitors in a kind and supportive manner, creating a beneficial and inviting environment. Additionally, these individuals provide a cheaper solution since they commonly have decreased hourly rates compared to armed guards.

An additional significant factor to consider is the kind of belongings or function you intend to ensure. In case you are operating a high-risk enterprise, such as a financial institution or an upscale jewelry shop, armed guards may be preferred. Nevertheless, if you’re organizing a community gathering or overseeing a residential community, unarmed security personnel can offer a conspicuous hindrance to criminal conduct without being overly intimidating to attendees or residents.

Although armed guards offer a great degree of safety and protection, there exist scenarios where guards without arms could be more impactful. Unarmed security personnel have the ability to give an obvious appearance to discourage unlawful behavior. Additionally, they can engage with clients or visitors in a welcoming and supportive manner, and could potentially be a more affordable alternative for multiple enterprises and occasions. If you are keen on employing unarmed security personnel for your premises or event, make sure to explore credible security agencies in your region. These steps will assist you in identifying a suitable resolution for your requirements.

If you employ security personnel, you also have the choice to select between guards wearing uniforms or plain clothes. The attire can supply a preventive influence to perpetrators. Nevertheless, some may favor undercover officers to blend in with the general population while ensuring the safety of your belongings, individuals, and premises.

In order to make an informed choice, you should take into consideration the requirements of your company and the potential security risks, including your financial limitations. If you are uncertain, you may consider getting guidance from the experts at AAA Security Guard Services team.

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