Our Services

To provide the safest environment for your visitors & Guests

AAA Security Services provides hotel security and resort security. Our experience in hotel security allows us to create a security plan targeted to a hotel’s specific security needs. We provide the training for our Security Guards that is required to secure these properties. We understand the nature of the hotel industry. AAA Security Services works closely with hotel staff to create customized security plans that focus on guest relations, advanced planning and preparation for all contingencies.


Guard for Hotels: From Patrolling to Escorting

Security Guard Hotel Duties

  • Hotel Parking Enforcement & Monitoring

  • Hotel Risk Management & First Aid

  • Hotel Vandalism Prevention

  • Prevention of Hotel Criminal Activity

  • Natural Disaster Assistance

  • Hotel Terrorism Prevention

  • Hotel Lock Up

  • Hotel Safety Consultation

Attention to these hotel security duties lessens the probability of claims due to real and alleged circumstances and provides a positive comfortable environment for everyone. Basic elements of security can be done by hotel staff, but nothing beats an on-site security guard.

Bot only does the hotel benefit from the guard’s experience, hotel staff can also focus on the guests without the distraction of security concerns.

AAA Security Guards are trained for hotel security assignments. They work as an extended part of the hotel staff in two ways 1- they act with courtesy and professionalism treating both guests and staff as customers 2- the coordinate and communicate with hotel staff as part of a team.

Best Security Guard for Hotels in the DFW Area

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)

  • Handling incidents with guests

  • Patrolling / monitoring the parking lot

  • Responding to loud music and complaints

  • Special events services

  • Front desk assistance

  • Writing of Daily Activity Reports (DAR)

  • And much, much more!!

Let us design a customized hotel security plan to help your staff and guests feel as safe as they do at home, by calling AAA Security Guard Service today.