Our Solutions

Industrial Facilities Security

With the rise of terrorism, it’s important that industrial facilities stay secure. Traditional security methods are expensive and outdated. With our innovative security service, you’ll be able to monitor and respond to threats, in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Our service is customizable for your specific needs and will keep your employees and facilities safe.

We Understand Your Business

AAA is licensed and bonded. We know that every site is not the same. We understand your business, analyze your security needs and demands, and customize a security service plan to ensure your property is being protected properly.


Long-Term Relationships With Clients

AAA has built reputable long-term relationships with its clients and continues to be a leader in protecting professional manufacturing and industrial environments. Don’t leave your security service needs in the hands of inexperienced guards that don’t know what hazards and threats to look out for. AAA Security Guard Services officers are experienced and skilled in protecting your industrial environment from theft, vandalism, personal attacks, and disaster management challenges due to medical, fire, or hazardous material.