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July 26, 2022

Security Guard Services Company

For those in Texas, many businesses are shuttered at the moment. While business owners would like to be working at their establishments, they are not able to go to work in this unprecedented time. Due to the current situation, a primary concern for many business owners is loss prevention and vandalism of vacant storefronts. Thankfully, AAA Guards can provide security services that protect your assets. If you need protection of a storefront or small business location, AAA Security Guard Services can provide you with a dedicated security guard or a team of security guards. With thorough training in loss prevention, one of our security guards can keep an eye out for suspicious characters and stop them in their tracks. Whether your business is 500 square feet of office space or an entire multi-story building, it is always wise to have a security guard to patrol when you cannot be present. 

choosing Between Armed vs. Unarmed Security for Businesses
Every business owner needs to assess the security of their workers, customers, and visitors.
Hiring security personnel is one of the best ways to secure your company and stop preventable
losses. In-person security, as opposed to other security measures, offers a strong deterrent and
the capacity to react quickly and effectively to a security crisis.
If you hire one and are undecided about choosing armed and unarmed security for your
business, then continue to read this blog to make informed decisions.
Differences Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
Armed and unarmed security guards both are responsible for protecting people and property.
However, there are some significant differences between these two roles.
Armed security guards are licensed to carry firearms and other weapons when on duty. This can
be a deterrent to potential criminals, and if necessary, the guard can use their guns in an
attempt to subdue an assailant or intruder.
They must undergo rigorous training in using their weapons, safety protocols, and law
enforcement procedures. Most states have a licensing system for armed security guards,
including a criminal background check, drug test, and firearms qualification exam. In addition to
their job duties, they must comply with all applicable state laws governing the possession and
use of weapons while on duty.
On the other hand, unarmed security guards provide protection but do not carry any weapons.
They must rely solely on their presence, verbal warnings, or physical force to protect people and
They generally receive only basic training in safety protocols and customer service skills. They
observe areas for signs of illegal activity and intervene as appropriate. Unlike armed guards,
they are not typically allowed to restrain anyone physically but can call for assistance from local
law enforcement if needed

We help businesses hire a temporary Security Guard to watch over their property and ensure the safety of their employees.

What is more important than your own personal security? Without security, we are vulnerable. Security guards make people feel safe, which is why they are so critical to our lives.

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When deciding between arms vs. unarmed security guards for your business, it is essential to
consider the security risks associated with your business, the cost and benefits of each option,
and how your image might be affected. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the best
protection for you, your employees, and your customers.
If you’re searching for security guards in Dallas, regardless of whether it is armed or unarmed,
then look no further than AAA Security Guards! Our team comprises highly skilled former law
enforcement officers with extensive experience in security and bodyguard services. We cover
Dallas, Fort Worth, and the DFW area. Contact us now