Our Services

Professional Security Guards for Apartment Complexes.

AAA Security Services provides apartment security and condominium security for properties of all sizes. Regardless of how many units the property has, our apartment security guards are trained to keep residents safe and to deal with disruptive tenants. Apartment complexes have become one of the nation’s most successful growth sectors. And naturally they have become a primary target for theft, vandalism, property damage, and litigation, as well as the life safety issues of the industry’s most valuable assets, its tenants and visitors.


Get a Licensed & Insured Security Guard for Your Apartment Building.

Having a security presence is very important for any housing complex. Every housing community is given punctual and professional service by our trained security guards. Our services are combined with innovative and customer focused approach to provide safe and peaceful environment for those living in apartments, condos and houses.

What we offer to your community

  • Reception and customer service

  • Parking Enforcement monitoring

  • 24/7  CCTV monitoring

  • Mail and parcel security

  • Emergency enforcement

  • Safety management

  • Vehicle and intruders checking

  • Key and access control management

Affordable Security Guard Services for Apartment Communities

As apartment complexes continue to be developed – and values continue to escalate – developers, owners, and managers of property require an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention, and protection. Apartment security companies carry with them a tremendous responsibility caring for the property itself and its residents. AAA Security Guard Services meets this challenge with experience, professionalism and vigilance making us a top tier apartment security company in Texas.

We ensure our clients a safe environment where people can  live in their housing complex peacefully. You are safe in our hands.