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Protecting The Wealth Of Capital Assets.

Parking at the public facility is dangerous, and it’s not uncommon for cars to be vandalized or stolen. Which is why you need our security guard service! We’ll protect your car with a round-the-clock vigil at our on-site lot. Get peace of mind with Auto Facility’s security.


Protect what you have!

AAA Security Services provides auto facility security. From warehouses to assembly plants and everything in between, today’s clients can rest assured that their businesses are secured from all possible incursions. Our auto facility security guards and auto facility patrol cars coordinate to keep these businesses safe and their inventories secure. It’s is the training we provide and attention to diligence that has made us a premiere auto facility security company.

Total peace of mind

need a security guard service? If so, then we have you covered. Our security guards will keep your car safe in our secure parking lot. We can even lock up the car for you too!

Our prices are based on principal. You get what you pay for. In reality a security guard gets paid for his time and management gets paid for overhead according to the work they do for you 24-7.

AAA Security Guards offer

  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)

  • Handling incidents with guests

  • Patrolling / monitoring the parking lot.

  • Special events services

  • Writing of Daily Activity Reports (DAR)