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Retail Security in Texas

At Retail Centers Security, we provide security guards to protect your store and customers. We offer different types of guards, including unarmed, armed, and off-duty police officers. Our services include patrol services, roving guard patrols, and stationary guard patrols. Retail Centers Security is backed by experienced professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, private security, military intelligence, and more.

Security Guards For Retail Stores - AAA Guards

Why choose AAA Security Guard for your retail center?

AAA security can provide you with a flexible and adaptable retail security service. Our loss prevention officers are highly skilled and trained in both areas of security and customer service. All of our clients strive to provide the highest standards of service in their stores, so we ensure that our officers are perfectly suited to this environment.

Retail Security Guard Service Company - AAA Guards

AAA Security Quality Control as a Way of Life

Our officers are thought of as an integral part of our client’s stores, and aside from a visual security presence and an extended customer service representative, our officers provide valuable documentation and reports that can be used for sales associate training, meetings, and management tools. Our operations team is available 24/7, taking care of routine bookings, alarm call-outs, and out-of-hours emergencies.

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