Technology That Increased Quality Of Security Guard Service

April 5, 2023

AAA Security guard service is truly hold the position of top Security Guard Companies in DFW Texas. It believes in constantly improving the quality of the security services and providing the best solution as per the individual customer needs. As per a report from security agencies, clients face new security challenges as per time and introduction of new technology. Thus, no matter what type of security solution you require, AAA Guards is here to meet all your expectation.

AAA Security guard technology has evolved to include mobile devices, cloud software, cameras, and integrated biometric access control systems. By far the biggest change has been the impact of smartphones. Previously, we looked at smartphones solely as a phone or as a distraction device. However, this impression has fast been replaced by smartphones being used to perform key job-related tasks.

In the security industry, mobile devices enable tasks such as scheduling & clocking in and out of shifts. As well as that, employers can receive no-show alerts and find replacement guards at the touch of a button. Smartphones are also being used to assist in operational tasks. Creating reports, verifying patrol points (guard tours), viewing site information, capturing site evidence and so much more. All of these tasks are performed in real-time. This drives the need for this information to also be available to supervisors so they can manage employees and stay up to date on customer sites.

Now customer enjoys the benefit of hiring trained and equipped security guards. They provide a wider area of protection along with personalizing service as per the individual budget. AAA Guards always welcomes new ideas from customers on security and ensure to implement if feasible to serve people. This latest used technology has improved the performance of the security services for this agency and helped to a main high level of security standards.


How to Choose Between Armed or Unarmed Security Guards

1. Assess the Business’s Security Risk
The choice between armed or unarmed security guards should depend on the particular security
needs and risks associated with a specific business. A comprehensive risk assessment should
be conducted to identify the most appropriate guard for a given situation. The cost-benefit
analysis of both types of security guards must also be weighed carefully in order.

2. Consider Benefits and Costs
When choosing between armed and unarmed security guards, it is essential to consider the
benefits and costs of each option.
Benefits of having armed security guards include the deterrent effect they can have and the fact
that they can provide more security overall. Additionally, armed security guards are usually
better equipped than unarmed ones and can deal with more dangerous situations.
However, there are also drawbacks to having armed security guards. For example, they may be
more expensive than unarmed ones, and their presence may create a sense of fear in the
Additionally, in some instances where an unarmed guard can handle the situation, an armed
one could end up being unnecessary.

3. Consider Your Image
The level of security adopted by your business speaks volumes about it and may impact how
customers, staff members, and visitors feel about doing business with you. Everyone is safer
with armed officers, but some feel intimidated or nervous about guns.
If armed security is present, visitors can also be concerned about their safety. They might think
that the presence of armed guards indicates that your business is a regular victim of robberies
and other violent crimes. Security officers who are not armed serve as vigilant authority figures,
making individuals feel safer without making them uneasy.

If you’re searching for security guards in Dallas, regardless of whether it is armed or unarmed,
then look no further than AAA Security Guards! Our team comprises highly skilled former law
enforcement officers with extensive experience in security and bodyguard services. We cover
Dallas, Fort Worth, and the DFW area. Contact us now!



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