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Get the protection you need and peace of mind with our service!

As a business owner, you know that it’s important to keep your employees and customers safe. That’s why you may be interested in our security guard service. From checking IDs to monitoring activity, our guards are always on duty to keep your building safe!

Our commitment towards ensuring the security of gated communities has led to the growth of our business into a new industry. Safety should be the top priority when choosing a gated community project. It is best understood by AAA Security Guard Service.


The company who always has your back with Trained and certified Security Guards

We have a team of highly trained security guards who are well-informed about safety measures around properties in gated communities. They’re equipped to handle any security needs you may have, such as walking the premises, apprehending intruders and evacuating people safely.

Need a little extra security?

Living in a gated community is different to living in a traditional community, but has many benefits. For one thing it’s safer and more secure than regular neighborhoods It is not proved or on records that these communities are safe from crime, of-course they are unsafe, unless Security guards take charge.

Why choose AAA Guards for your safety!

  • 24*7 security desk assistance

  • CCTV surveillance cameras for 24*7 monitoring

  • Parking lot surveillance

  • Disciplined and trained Security guards handling guests

  • Daily reports

  • Client portal access

For every industry we serve, we have a customized plan and service to fit the specific needs of your business. We will provide you with the best security service.