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AAA Security Guard for Schools/Educational Institutions Security Service.

AAA Guards is known for offering round-the-clock security services for not only for businesses but also for Schools/Educational Institutions as well.

Under school security services, we offer a wide range of security measures to the school, dorms, libraries and events. Our guards are highly trained and offer the best protection. Their expertise includes securing property and faculty, as well as protecting school students.


we provide trained Security guards in all DFW

to act as a strong defense against any type of criminal activities and theft. We trained our Security guards to connect with the law enforcement department if required and to behave with professionalism to communicate with students, warning individuals, and the general public for indecent activities. We are offering our security services to schools of all shape and sizes, either Public Schools or private.

What do we do to offer security services to schools and educational institutions?

  • Survey of school areas in case of suspicious behavior noticed

  • In-depth Monitoring of institution campus for detecting any illegal activity

  • Take control of dangerous situations

  • Patrolling of schools by foot and also in vehicles in school hours and also in late-night hours

  • Taking care of the safety concerns for students and faculty

  • Detecting signs of property damage for unlawful entry

  • Notifying local law enforcement body in case of emergencies

  • Checking entry and exit of students and faculties besides parents and other guests in campus

  • Managing a huge crowd in school events in a disciplined manner and providing security to VIP guests

  • We offer both armed and unarmed security guards in schools depending on school management requests

Providing the best Security services to the schools and educational institutions

the only mission and goal for AAA Security Guard Service. We give regular training to our security guards to help them stay updated . Giving 100% satisfaction to clients is what we target for. For more information about our services, we request you to get in touch with us. Our customer support team will be available 24×7 to provide you the required information about our services.