Our Solutions

Healthcare Facilities Security

We work with hospitals to provide security solutions that are both affordable and dependable. Hospitals are often in a vulnerable position, and can be at risk of attack from both violent and non-violent criminals. We provide the best possible services to protect our clients against a variety of threats, including theft, vandalism, violence and terrorism.


Our Functions

  • Examined doors, windows, and gates to determine that they are secure.
  • protect the healthcare facilities’ customers, staff, and property.
  • Patrolled facility and manned post as instructed by security management.
  • Enforcement of safety rules, and regulations to reduce damage & accidents.


AAA’s Hands-On Management

AAA security officers will show up good judgment and common sense, follow directions, testify accurately in court, and follow company policy and guidelines. In an emergency, they will be able to take charge and direct others to safety.


AAA Healthcare Service

Essentially, a security guard can take on a range of roles within a Healthcare facility’s environment. We call these dual roles and they include maintain order and protect the healthcare facilities customers, staff and property.