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AAA Security Guard service provides quality security guard services at the lowest prices in Texas.


Our services are offered with great pride and respect at a great price. Community protection, Security Armed and unarmed security for Commercial and residential. Whether it's a special event, construction site any other facility! Getting our services is quick and easy! Click the contact us button or request a quote to start the process.

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We provide the most advanced technology and highly trained guards to ensure peace of mind for any type of business.

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AAA Security Guards uses an industry leading real time reporting software that allows our guards to report security issues through a handheld device in real time. We elevated the security industry in Texas to a much higher level. AAA using its valuable data, maximize efficiency and enhance overall productivity, and also demonstrate the ROI and value we can provide to our prospective clients. This will give us an edge over any other security service provider.

Real time reporting enables us to

Monitor the lcoation

Monitor the location and productivity of our guards in the field, in real-time.

Track and Analyze

Track and analyze security issues and data over long periods of time to deliver a customized security service to each client’s specific needs.

Monitor the lcoation

Send guards task reminders and notifications while in the field.

Notify key personnel

Notify key personnel in the event of an emergency.

Monitor the lcoation

Submit detailed Daily Activity Reports with GPS and time-stamped pictures and audio file with detailed descriptions of all security and maintenance issues.

No more paper reports

No more paper reports, easily submit DARs reports right from the the mobile app in real-time to our client directly

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