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AAA Security Guards offers VIP Bodyguard Security and offers our expert services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being successful or in the public eye certainly comes with its own set of trappings. There are numerous risks and often predatory entities look at important people as targets. We can help protect high profile clients in a number of environments and scenarios with our vast knowledge of security methods and experience in the field to match.

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24/7  Executive Protection

When a client chooses AAA Security as his or her executive protection firm, we will begin learning about the places the client frequently visits, as well as his or her lifestyle and background. Using this information, we will design an executive protection plan that will ensure the client’s safety with as little interference as possible. We will also determine which threats the client is most likely to face so that we can include the appropriate provisions in the client’s protection plan.

Executive Protection Guard - AAA Guards

Here at AAA Security

With our team of skilled and experienced agents, you can always count on reliable, discreet protection services. Whether you hire our team to protect you at the office, at home, or during your travels, satisfaction is guaranteed. Our agents have been expertly trained, and they know how to recognize and prevent threats before they occur. Working with us, you can sleep soundly and know that you are safe.