Our Services

Whether you need to protect your facility or home from fire, AAA Security Services can cater to all your security needs including Firewatch security .

AAA Security Services are committed to maximizing customer satisfaction. Our main focus is to improve our services, which allow us to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

AAA Security Services is a well-known provider of the best security patrol services. Our security patrol guards have been instructed to remain on the lookout at all times. They will make sure that no suspicious activity takes place nearby. Best security guard in Parker county.


AAA Security Guard offers the best in mobile security patrolling

Security Guard in Parker County. As well comprehensive Remote Patrol and monitoring via CCTV, also referred to as video surveillance to protect both your home and business. You can employ experienced guards and surveillance experts who will work round the clock, ensuring yours, your families, and your employees’ safety.

We provide an array of other Security Services in Parker County for the following:

  • Special Event Security

  • Construction Site Security

  • Residential Building Security

  • VIP Bodyguard Security

  • Retail Security

  • Medical & Office Building Security

  • On-site Security Guarding

  • Business Park Patrol and Monitoring

  • Loss Prevention

  • Bank Security

  • Hotel Security

  • Educational Institutions Security

Working 24/7/365, our staff of full-service dispatchers monitors and maintain client assets. They are in constant contact with the guards in the field and ensure immediate help as and when required.