Our Solutions

Parking Control

Parking Control. The top concerns surrounding parking areas are car theft, vandalism and theft of items from your car. AAA Security Guard’s experts can help to eliminate these concerns for you. No one wants to feel unsafe on the way to or from their car, so trust AAA Security Guard expert security guards to keep an eye out for you.

The Patrols You Need

Security staff can patrol your parking area, watching for suspicious activity or crime in progress. AAA Security Guard’s security guards vary their patrol routes and times in order to foil criminals’ patterns. Whether you need a marked car, an unmarked car or a security guard patrolling on foot, you can get the security support that you need for your parking area’s specific needs. AAA Security Guards also offers both armed and unarmed guards so that you can customize the level of support that you need. With support tailored to your specific parking area, patrols can be both accurate and effective for you.