Our Solutions

Educational Institutions Security

AAA SECURITY SERVICES, The security team of educational institutions like a college or university is in charge of protecting not just the people, but also the reputation and property of the school. With a lot of potential security risks, it’s crucial to have a proactive plan to address them. Protecting your students and staff requires knowing what to expect and training for worst-case scenarios. The security industry is a trillion-dollar industry and growing. With the increased need for safety and security in the workplace, we provide innovative solutions for industrial facilities looking to keep your student and assets safe.

Why AAA Security Service?

With the soaring increase in school shootings and the recent tragedy in Texas, Florida, many schools are investing in security infrastructure and most of them installed security systems. However, these systems can’t do so much to protect us. We provide security guards for all schools, daycare, college or universities who looking for an affordable and reliable option for securing their premises and valuables from theft or break-ins.

Our Duties

  • Respond to unauthorized activities & Contact the local authorities.
  • Examined doors, windows, and gates and make sure that are secure.
  • Monitoring all activities involving large groups of people.
  • Maintaining a safe environment for visitors and employees and Other