Tips for Hiring the Best Seasonal Security Guards This Summer

June 8, 2024

Top-notch security guards for a worry-free summer!

Summer’s just around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to start thinking about hiring some extra security for your business when things get busy. Finding the right seasonal security guards can seem overwhelming but don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll walk through some key tips to make sure you find guards who are responsible, experienced, and reliable so you can relax knowing your property is protected. We’ll cover how to write an effective job posting, where to advertise for the best candidates, what qualifications and certifications to look for, smart interview questions that reveal red flags, and more. With our advice, you’ll be ready to onboard your ideal seasonal security team in no time. So grab a lemonade and let’s get started – here’s everything you need to know to hire the best security guards this summer.

Define Your Seasonal Security Needs

To hire the right seasonal security guards, you first need to determine exactly what you need them for. Are you looking to beef up security at events, control crowds, or monitor entry points? Defining the specifics will help you find candidates with the necessary experience and skillset.

For events, you’ll want guards with crowd control and emergency response training. They’ll need to monitor attendees, manage lines, and handle any medical or fire emergencies. For monitoring entry points like parking lots or gates, look for guards with observation and reporting skills. They’ll detect any unauthorized access or suspicious vehicles and alert the necessary authorities.

Experience and Licensing

Choose between armed or unarmed guards depending on your needs and local regulations. Armed guards will have additional firearms certifications and training. Unarmed guards may still need licenses to legally operate as security professionals in your city or state.

Availability and Reliability

For temporary summer positions, availability and reliability are key. Look for candidates that can commit to the full season and any required shifts, including nights and weekends. Ask about their scheduling flexibility and how much advance notice they need for shift changes or call-ins. Reliable guards will show up on time and see the job through to completion.

By defining what you really need from your seasonal security team, you’ll hire the best candidates for the roles. And that will give you peace of mind all summer long.

Where to Find Qualified Seasonal Security Guards

Finding the right security guards for the summer season may seem like a challenge, but there are several places you can look.

College Campuses

Many college students seek temporary work over the summer break to earn extra money. Contact the career services department at local colleges and universities and ask if they have a job board to post your listing or if they can recommend any qualified students. College students often have flexible schedules, relevant skills, and are looking for short-term opportunities.

Online Job Sites

Websites like Indeed, Monster and Craigslist are ideal for finding seasonal workers. Post a detailed listing highlighting the job requirements and time period. Be sure to mention that you’re looking for dedicated individuals for a short-term role. You’ll likely get many applicants, so screen them thoroughly based on relevant experience, background checks, and references.

Security Guard Firms

Private security companies maintain a pool of screened and trained guards. Explain that you need additional help for the summer season, and they may be able to provide vetted temporary staff. They handle all the recruiting, background checks and management. The downside is they charge placement fees, but for a short-term role it may be worth the convenience.

With some targeted recruiting at schools, online, and through security firms, you’ll find qualified seasonal guards to keep your location secure all summer long. Put in the effort to find the right candidates, and your seasonal staffing challenges will be solved.

Key Qualities to Look for When Interviewing Guards

When interviewing seasonal security guards, look for candidates with certain key qualities that will ensure they do an excellent job.

Strong communication skills are essential. Seasonal security guards need to interact professionally with people from all walks of life. They should be friendly, courteous and able to diffuse tense situations through respectful communication.

Responsibility and reliability are key. You need guards who will show up on time for their shifts, follow all procedures and policies, and not abuse their position or access. Look for a proven track record of dependability in previous jobs.

Discernment and good judgment. Guards often have to make quick decisions on the spot. Seek out candidates who can stay cool under pressure, assess situations accurately, and determine the best course of action. They should know how to spot real threats and not overreact to minor issues.

Adaptability is important for handling the variety of situations that can arise. Seasonal guards have to accommodate events, operate different security equipment, direct traffic, check IDs, monitor cameras, and more. Look for guards who welcome new challenges and learning opportunities.

Physical ability. Some security roles require a lot of standing, walking, and in some cases restraining unruly individuals. Make sure candidates meet any physical requirements for the specific jobs. But also look for more—guards with a mindset of protecting and serving, not just enforcing rules. The right candidates will help ensure the safety of employees and guests so you can have a successful season.

Contact AAA Security Guard Services Today

The summer season often means an increase in traffic and activity for many businesses. Extra help in the form of seasonal security guards can help ensure the safety of your employees and customers during this busy time. AAA Security Guard Services has over 20 years of experience providing highly trained, professional seasonal security personnel for events and locations of all types.

Our guards go through a rigorous screening and training program to prepare them for any situation. We perform background checks, drug testing, and provide ongoing training on de-escalation techniques, emergency response procedures and more. Our guards are discreet, respectful and focused on diffusing situations before they become problems.

AAA Security offers flexible, short-term contracts so you can staff up quickly for summer events or peak seasons and scale back down when the extra help is no longer needed. We also provide affordable pricing and bundle discounts if you need guards for multiple locations or events.

Don’t leave your summer security to chance. Contact AAA Security Guard Services today for a free quote and assessment of your specific needs. We can provide recommendations for the appropriate level of security personnel to put you at ease so you can focus on your business or event. Your safety and security are our top priority so you can have a successful and incident-free season.

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