Security Patrol Services for Safer Texas Businesses

March 22, 2024

Protect your business with our security patrol services.

You’re a Texas business owner looking to improve safety and security for your employees and customers. It’s no secret that crime can hurt a business, from theft to violence. You want your people to feel protected when they’re on your property. A security patrol service may be the answer. With trained guards doing regular drive-bys and walkthroughs, they can deter crime and respond quickly if something happens. You’ll sleep better knowing you did your part to make your business more secure. This article explores the benefits of hiring a patrol service and how to choose the right one for your needs. Keep reading to learn how security patrols can lead to a safer, more successful enterprise.

The Benefits of Security Patrol Services for Texas Businesses

Security patrols help keep your business safe when no one is around. Guards patrol the area, checking for any issues. They look for things like broken windows or doors, fire hazards, or any criminal activity. If there are any problems, the guards call the police right away.

Peace of Mind

Knowing security guards are patrolling gives business owners comfort. You can go home at night knowing your business is being watched. The guards deter criminals and handle any problems that come up.

Deterring Crime

Criminals often target empty businesses. But when security vehicles patrol the area, criminals go elsewhere. They don’t want to risk getting caught. Regular patrols discourage break-ins, thefts, and vandalism.

Quick Response

If there is an incident like a break-in or fire, security guards respond fast. They are already on site, so they can take action immediately. This minimizes damage and ensures problems get resolved quickly. Security patrol services give Texas businesses an added layer of protection and security. They deter crime, allow for a quick response to issues, and provide peace of mind when no one else is around.

What to Look for When Hiring a Security Patrol Company in Texas

When choosing a security patrol service, you want one that will keep your business safe. Look for companies with experience in Texas. Ask how long they’ve operated and check their reviews.

See if they offer 24-hour monitoring. Around-the-clock service means there’s always someone watching out for you. Patrol officers should tour your property regularly. Ask how often they patrol and look for at least 2-4 times per night.

Check that the company does background checks and trains officers well. You want responsible officers who know how to properly secure a business. Ask about their training and hiring process.

Well-equipped officers will deter criminals. See if the company provides vehicles, radios, flashlights and other gear to help officers do their job. You want a service that will work with local police if there’s an incident. Ask if they have relationships with law enforcement and emergency responders in your area.

Compare costs and services to find the best value. While you want affordable rates, don’t sacrifice quality and experience. Look for a Texas-based company focused on business security with 24-hour monitoring, frequent patrols, well-trained officers and solid equipment. Your business’s safety is worth the investment!

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Patrols

What do security patrols do?

Security patrols drive around businesses and check for any signs of trouble. They look for things like broken windows, open doors, or strange cars. They also check that all outside lights are working. If they see anything wrong, they will contact the business owner right away.

How often do security patrols come by?

Most security patrols visit businesses a few times each night. The number of visits depends on what level of service you choose. More visits mean better protection, but cost more money. For many small businesses, 2-3 visits per night gives good protection without too high of a cost.

Do I need security patrols if I have an alarm system?

Security patrols and alarm systems work well together. Alarms can detect intruders and call for help. But security patrols also deter intruders from even trying to break in. They make businesses less of a target by increasing the risk of the intruder getting caught. Alarms and patrols together provide the best protection for your business.

How much do security patrol services cost?

The cost of security patrol services depends on factors like:

How many visits you want each night. More visits cost more.

The size and location of your business. Larger businesses and those in high-crime areas often pay more.

Whether you bundle with other security services like alarms or cameras. Bundles typically save you money.

Monthly costs for small to mid-sized businesses typically range from $200 to $500 per month. Many security patrol companies offer free quotes so you can compare options and pricing.

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