Fire Emergency: The To-Do’s of a Security Guard

February 25, 2024

What your Texas security guard should do during a fire emergency AAA Security Guard Services

Hey there, Texans! Have you ever wondered what your security guard would do if a fire broke out while you were at home, work, or out and about? Well, listen up, because I’m gonna give you the inside scoop.

That burly guard in the uniform may look intimidating, but he’s got your back in an emergency. At the first whiff of smoke or flicker of flames, your guard springs into action like a firefighter. He’s trained to keep a level head and get everyone to safety ASAP.

Assessing the Situation: How Your Security Guard Responds to a Fire Emergency

Noticing the signs

Your security guard is trained to identify signs of fire or smoke and act fast. At the first sight or smell of smoke, they will investigate the source immediately.

Sounding the alarm

Upon confirming there is a fire, your guard will activate the fire alarm to evacuate the building. They will also call 911 to alert the fire department.

Guiding evacuation

As people evacuate, your guard helps direct them to emergency exits and safe assembly areas outside. They ensure everyone leaves the building in a quick and orderly manner.

Securing the area

Once evacuation is complete, your guard will block access to the building and secure the area until the fire department arrives. They provide details about the location and nature of the fire to help responders act as efficiently as possible.

Coordinating with responders

Your guard coordinates with firefighters on the scene by directing them to the source of the fire and providing access to the building. They also help keep bystanders at a safe distance from the emergency area. The top priorities are ensuring safety, extinguishing the fire as quickly as possible, and minimizing damage.

With a well-trained security guard on hand during a fire emergency, you can rest assured the situation will be handled properly. Their quick thinking and coordination with first responders help resolve crises, protect property, and save lives.

Evacuation Procedures: Your Security Guard’s Role in Getting Everyone to Safety

Securing the exit routes

The moment the fire alarm goes off, your security guard springs into action. Their first priority is to secure all exit routes like staircases, emergency exits and ensure they are clear of any obstacles. They will then guide evacuees to the nearest exit in an orderly manner.

Assisting mobility-impaired individuals

Your security guard is trained to assist any mobility-impaired individuals during an emergency evacuation. They will help evacuate people with disabilities, injuries or the elderly and escort them to the designated assembly area outside the building.

Performing a final sweep

Once all evacuees have exited the building, your security guard will perform a final sweep of the entire building to ensure no one is left behind before evacuating themselves. They are responsible for checking all rooms, storage areas, basements and any hidden corners of the building.

Guiding evacuees to the assembly area

Your security guard will guide all evacuees to the designated assembly area outside the building. They will then work with the emergency responders to account for all evacuees and provide any information to assist in the emergency response. The safety of all evacuees is the top priority for your security guard during a fire emergency.

Coordinating With Emergency Services: How Your Security Guard Supports Firefighters and EMTs

Alerting Emergency Responders

As soon as your security guard spots signs of a fire, their first call is to 911. They will alert the fire department and emergency medical services (EMS) to dispatch firefighters and EMTs to your location. Your guard provides the emergency responders with critical details about the location, status, and scale of the fire so they know exactly what equipment and how many personnel to send.

Guiding Emergency Vehicles

With emergency vehicles en route, your security guard prepares to guide them in. They make sure fire truck and ambulance access points are clear, then direct the vehicles to the emergency site.

Your guard may even temporarily block off roads or redirect traffic to ensure emergency responders can get in and out quickly. Their familiarity with the property layout and exit routes helps get the emergency vehicles where they need to go without delay.

Assisting On-Site

Once firefighters and EMTs arrive, your security guard provides whatever support they need. This may include helping evacuate building occupants, providing access cards or keys, and giving directions to utility shut-offs.

Your guard stays on the scene to facilitate communication between emergency responders and building managers or tenants. Their top priority is ensuring emergency personnel have everything required to address the crisis as efficiently as possible.

By alerting and coordinating with emergency responders right away, your guard helps firefighters get the fire under control and EMTs provide any necessary medical aid as rapidly as possible. Their role supporting these critical first responders can truly help save lives.

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When a crisis strikes, you want a professional security team ready to respond. AAA Security Guard Services has highly trained officers on call 24/7, prepared to assist in any emergency situation. Our guards follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of everyone in the building during a fire or other disaster.

Quick Response

If the fire alarm sounds, your guard will immediately investigate to determine if there is an active fire or false alarm. They will direct all occupants to safely evacuate the building and call the fire department right away.

AAA Security Guard Services are equipped to use fire extinguishers for small, contained fires, but will evacuate and call the professionals for larger blazes.

Coordination and Crowd Control

Your guard is trained in effective crowd control and will direct the evacuation in an orderly manner. They maintain a roster of occupants to account for all individuals after exiting the building. Your guard will also coordinate with the fire and police departments to provide critical information like the location of the fire or any missing persons still inside.

Peace of Mind 24/7

With a dedicated security team on the job, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your facility and all the people in it will be protected in an emergency. Don’t leave your disaster preparedness to chance.

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