Physical Security Best Practices for Dangerous Places

June 9, 2024

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You’ve seen the news – violent protests, terrorist attacks, civil wars raging in dangerous places. It makes you wonder how people live and work in such volatile environments. But for many, these high-risk areas are home. Security experts in perilous regions have developed physical security best practices to protect facilities and people. This article provides an overview of techniques to deter threats and mitigate damage from attacks in hazardous zones around the world. We’ll cover access control, surveillance, barriers, layered defense, and more. Continue reading for actionable advice to keep your assets and loved ones safe, even in the most hazardous locations on earth.

Hardening the Perimeter With Physical Security

To protect a dangerous place, the first line of defense is establishing a secure perimeter. This means installing sturdy barriers like high fences, concrete walls or wire to control access points and deter intruders.


For most sites, high fencing, at least 8 to 10 feet tall, is an effective deterrent. Choose a fence material like steel, aluminum or iron that is difficult to cut through. Top it off with barbed or razor wire for extra security. Bury the bottom of the fence several inches into the ground to prevent easy lifting.

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers, like concrete bollards or Jersey barriers, provide a formidable obstacle for vehicles. They can be placed at entryways, around buildings or as roadblocks. For the most protection, install them deep within the ground in a concrete foundation.

Additional Precautions

For particularly dangerous areas, extra precautions may be needed, such as double fencing with a “no man’s land” in between or electrified fencing that delivers a non-lethal shock. Security cameras, lighting and routine guard patrols around the perimeter are also recommended.

By establishing a robust physical perimeter secured by high, hardened fencing and barriers, you make it much more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to a dangerous place. Maintaining and monitoring these security measures diligently is key to ensuring maximum protection. With the right precautions in place, you can feel confident your site and everyone in it will be safe and secure.

Access Control Systems to Limit and Monitor Entry

Access control is essential for limiting who enters potentially dangerous places. A proper system should monitor entry and exit points while maintaining security.

Perimeter Security

The first line of defense is controlling the perimeter. Fences, gates, and barriers establish a clear boundary and deter unauthorized access. For maximum security, consider barbed wire or steel fencing. Be sure to monitor any access points like gates or loading docks. Cameras, security guards, and entrance screening help control who comes and goes.

Authentication and Authorization

The key to any access control system is verifying people’s identities and ensuring only authorized individuals enter. This typically involves ID cards, keypads, or biometric scanners like fingerprint or facial recognition. Tie access levels to job functions so people can only enter areas they need for their work.

Monitoring and Alerts

Even with authentication in place, constant monitoring is a must. Security cameras provide visibility into all access points and high-risk areas. Motion detectors can also detect unauthorized entry. Tie these systems into a central security center that monitors feeds and dispatches alerts for any unauthorized access. Send alerts to on-site security as well as off-site staff who can contact emergency responders if needed.

Audits and Reports

Regular audits and reports provide insight into how well your access control measures are working. Review camera footage and access logs to look for any unauthorized entries or suspicious activity. Check that access levels match job functions. Look for any weak points in perimeter security. Make changes as needed to shore up any vulnerabilities and ensure your dangerous environments remain secure.

With the proper access control procedures and technology in place, you can feel confident that only authorized individuals will enter high-risk and potentially dangerous facilities. Constant monitoring, auditing, and adapting to address new threats will help maximize security over the long run.

Video Surveillance and Intrusion Detection

Surveillance cameras and intrusion detection systems are two of the most effective security measures for dangerous environments. Cameras provide 24/7 monitoring of the perimeter and any critical areas. Look for cameras that offer high resolution, night vision, and weather resistance. Position cameras to capture entry/exit points, storage areas, and secluded spots where illegal activities might occur.

For the best coverage, use a combination of fixed cameras as well as pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras that can rotate and zoom in on suspicious activity. Monitor the camera feeds continuously and record footage for investigative purposes.

Intrusion detection systems

automatically detect unauthorized access and alert you to intruders. Options include:

  • Motion detectors that sense movement and changes in the environment. Place them along fence lines, near entryways, and in unoccupied areas.
  • Door and window sensors that trigger an alarm if a barrier is opened. Use them to monitor any access points to the building.
  • Glass break detectors that pick up the specific sound frequency of breaking glass. Position them near any windows or glass doors.

The system should activate warning lights, sirens, and send electronic alerts if triggered. Promptly investigate any alarms to determine if there was an actual intrusion or if it was a false alarm. Take appropriate action, like contacting law enforcement if needed.

For high-risk environments, a professionally installed and monitored security system is best. Look for a provider that offers 24-hour professional monitoring with fast emergency response times. They can also help design a system tailored to your needs and facility layout.

Advanced systems may also integrate access control, intercoms, and even gunshot detection for the highest level of safety. When employees’ lives and company assets are at stake, cutting-edge security technology is worth the investment. Video surveillance and intrusion detection, combined with trained security personnel, are your best defenses against criminal behavior in dangerous places.

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Our operations center is staffed 24/7 to support our security teams in the field. We utilize GPS tracking, radio communications, and live camera feeds to monitor all client sites. Dispatchers can quickly deploy backup resources or contact emergency responders if additional support is needed. Real-time monitoring gives clients peace of mind that their location is secure around the clock.

Commitment to Safety

AAA Security Guard Services is committed to safety above all else. We believe every employee deserves to work in an environment free from harm, and it is our mission to help achieve that goal. Our diligent efforts have contributed to decreasing accident rates, reducing theft and property damage, and minimizing workplace violence incidents for our clients.

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