A Bodyguard’s Great Use for 5 Types of Non-Celebrity People

July 6, 2024

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Bodyguards are not just for celebrities. Many individuals could benefit from the added security and peace of mind that professional protection provides. Here are five types of people who should consider using a bodyguard:

1. High-Net-Worth Individuals

Wealth Attracts Attention

High-net-worth individuals, including business owners and investors, often become targets for theft, kidnapping, or extortion. Their wealth and public visibility can make them vulnerable to various threats.

Protection for Families

Ensuring the safety of their families is another reason why high-net-worth individuals might need bodyguards. Professional security can provide protection against potential threats, including burglary and home invasion.

Discretion and Professionalism

Bodyguards can offer discreet and professional protection, allowing these individuals to go about their daily lives with minimal disruption while ensuring their safety and privacy.

2. Corporate Executives

Targeted for Hostile Actions

Corporate executives, especially those in high-profile companies, can be targets for hostile actions, including corporate espionage, kidnapping, and disgruntled employees. The stakes are high, and their safety is crucial for the smooth operation of their businesses.

Travel Security

Executives who travel frequently, especially to regions with higher risks, benefit from having bodyguards. Professional security ensures safe transportation and protection in unfamiliar environments.

Crisis Management

In the event of a security threat or emergency, bodyguards are trained to handle the situation efficiently, ensuring the executive’s safety and allowing them to focus on their responsibilities.

3. Politicians and Public Officials

High-Risk Public Profiles

Politicians and public officials are often in the public eye and can face numerous threats, including physical attacks and harassment. The nature of their work and visibility makes them high-risk targets.

Public Events

Bodyguards provide crucial protection during public events, ensuring safe interaction with constituents while managing the risks associated with public exposure.

Home and Office Security

Professional security services can also ensure the safety of their homes and offices, creating a secure environment where they can perform their duties without undue worry.

4. Victims of Domestic Violence or Stalking

Immediate Safety

Individuals who have experienced domestic violence or are victims of stalking face ongoing threats to their safety. Bodyguards can provide immediate protection, reducing the risk of further harm.

Even with legal measures such as restraining orders, having a bodyguard offers an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Emotional Support

Knowing that a trained professional is available to respond to threats can be an important emotional support for victims, helping them regain a sense of normalcy and control over their lives.

Risk of Retaliation

Lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals involved in high-stakes cases, particularly those dealing with criminal law, may face threats from disgruntled clients or adversaries.

Courtroom and Office Security

Bodyguards can ensure their safety during court appearances and in their offices, where the risk of confrontations or attacks might be higher.

Personal Life Protection

High-profile legal professionals can also benefit from security services in their personal lives, ensuring their and their families’ safety outside of work.

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