Why Austin Auto Dealer Security Is Non-Negotiable

June 14, 2024

why austin auto dealer security by aaa security guard services is non-negotiable

With Austin’s crime wave hitting harder everyday, auto dealer security guards are smart to take action. Car dealerships in particular have become targets, with thieves realizing they’re a one-stop shop for expensive goods. Whether they’re after keys, catalytic converters, tires, or entire vehicles, dealerships have it all under one roof.

An Increase in Break-Ins

Breaking into a car dealership at night has become popular among thieves. Once inside, they have access to countless vehicles and parts they can steal and resell on the black market. The Austin Police Department has reported a sharp rise in break-ins at auto dealerships, especially those located near highways for quick getaways.

The High Cost of Crime

The cost of theft and vandalism for Austin car dealerships is staggering. Replacing stolen parts, repairing damage, and beefing up security measures all cut into profits. Some dealerships have had to increase vehicle prices to account for these losses, passing the costs onto consumers. Many now realize proactively investing in security is far more affordable.

Protecting Inventory and Employees

With Austin’s auto crime wave showing no signs of slowing, dealerships are smart to take action. Having manned guard services monitor the property during off-hours is the most effective solution. Security officers deter thieves from even attempting to break in. They also provide an immediate response if a break-in does occur, and work directly with police to catch and arrest the perpetrators. Investing in security helps ensure a safe environment for employees and protects the vehicles and parts that are so valuable to these businesses.

Why Auto Dealer Security Is Crucial for Business Success

Reduced Risk of Theft

Without proper security, car dealerships are easy targets for theft and vandalism. Lots filled with valuable vehicles and parts are tempting to thieves and criminals. By hiring professional security guards, dealers significantly decrease the risk of theft on their property. Security patrols, monitored cameras and restricted access all help to deter thieves and prevent loss.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Security has a huge impact on your customer’s experience. When customers feel safe browsing inventory and taking test drives, they have a positive experience that makes them want to return and recommend your dealership to others. Uniformed guards provide a visible deterrent and help ensure the safety of customers and their vehicles while on the lot.

Increased Employee Safety

Your employees are your biggest asset, so their safety should be a top priority. Security guards help prevent violent incidents and de-escalate tense situations to protect employees. They also monitor the property for any safety hazards to report and mitigate risks. Employees who feel safe at their workplace are more productive, loyal and willing to go the extra mile for customers.

Lower Insurance Premiums

With professional security on-site, insurance providers see your dealership as a lower risk and are likely to offer lower premiums. The reduced risk of theft, vandalism and liability claims means fewer potential payouts for the insurance company. Be sure to highlight your security program when negotiating insurance renewals to maximize your savings.

Services an Effective Security Company Provides

An effective security company provides a range of services to protect Austin auto dealerships. Around-the-clock monitoring of the property is key. Security guards conduct regular patrols of the dealership, especially after hours. They monitor for any unauthorized access and check that all entries and exits are properly secured.

24/7 Surveillance

With security cameras placed strategically around the dealership, security guards keep a close watch for any suspicious activity. They monitor the cameras in real-time and also review footage to investigate incidents. Cameras deter criminal behavior and provide evidence to help identify perpetrators. Motion-activated lighting and security systems also help to deter intruders.

Access Control

An effective security team strictly controls access to the dealership, especially after business hours. They verify the identity of all individuals entering the property and check that they have a legitimate reason for access. Strict key control procedures are implemented to prevent unauthorized access via keys or key cards.

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency like a break-in, fire, or medical emergency, an effective security team responds immediately. They are trained to properly handle emergency situations to minimize damage and ensure the safety of anyone on the property. The security team also coordinates with local emergency responders like the police and fire department.

Risk Assessment

Reputable security companies regularly assess risks to the dealership and recommend strategies to mitigate them. They consider factors like the location, building design, assets, and security systems already in place. The security team then develops a customized plan to address vulnerabilities, staying up-to-date with the latest security best practices. Conducting regular risk assessments and updating plans helps to ensure maximum protection.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Auto Dealer Security Guards

When looking to hire security for your Austin auto dealership, you’ll want to make sure you find guards who are experienced, professional, and able to handle the unique requirements of an auto sales environment. Some key questions to ask potential security companies include:

Do you have experience with auto dealerships?

Security needs at car lots differ from other businesses. Look for companies with a proven track record of serving auto dealers and understanding their particular concerns like safeguarding vehicles, customer privacy, and handling test drives. They should be familiar with the layout and operations of a dealership.

What level of training do your guards have?

Well-trained guards are essential. Look for companies that put guards through a rigorous initial training program and require ongoing education. Guards should be trained in customer service, de-escalation techniques, and emergency response. They should also be certified in CPR, first aid, and the proper use of any security equipment like panic buttons.

What technology and equipment do you use?

High-quality equipment is important for monitoring a large area like an auto lot. Ask about features like security cameras, motion-activated lights, panic buttons that immediately alert police, and guard tour systems that electronically monitor guard patrols. These tools increase security and give you peace of mind.

How will you handle test drives?

Test drives introduce additional security risks with vehicles leaving the lot unattended. Discuss how the company handles logging and monitoring test drives. Do they take photos of drivers’ licenses? Escort vehicles during the initial part of the drive? Have a system to track vehicles until they return? Their procedures should give you confidence vehicles and customers will be secure during this process.

What are your rates and fees?

While security is important, you also need to consider your budget. Compare rates of different companies and look for those that provide good value for the level of service. Watch out for hidden fees and make sure any equipment like security cameras or alarm systems are fully owned or leased at a reasonable cost. Protecting your business and inventory is worth the investment, so try to strike a balance of quality and affordability.

Contact AAA Security Guard Services

To ensure the safety and security of your Austin auto dealership, contact AAA Security Guard Services today. With over 15 years of experience providing security services to businesses across Texas, AAA Security has the expertise to secure your dealership and protect your valuable inventory.

24/7 Monitoring

AAA Security offers continuous security monitoring for your dealership 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained security guards will patrol the premises, monitor for any suspicious activity via security cameras, and respond immediately in the event of a break-in or vandalism. With AAA Security on the job, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your dealership is protected day and night.

Highly Trained Professionals

All AAA Security guards undergo extensive training to prepare them for any situation. Our guards are licensed, insured, and able to properly handle emergencies should they arise. They are also trained to deter criminal behavior through their visible presence and active patrolling of the dealership grounds. The professionalism and competence of our security team sets AAA Security apart.

Customized Security Plans

No two auto dealerships are alike, so no two security plans should be alike either. AAA Security will evaluate your specific needs and risks to develop a customized security strategy for your business. We offer armed or unarmed guards, mobile patrols, security cameras and monitoring, and a range of other services to build a security solution tailored to your dealership. Our flexible approach ensures maximum protection and value for your investment.

With many years of experience securing auto dealerships in Austin and across Texas, AAA Security has the expertise and capabilities to meet your security needs. For 24-hour protection you can count on, contact AAA Security today for a free security assessment and quote. We’ll work with you to develop an effective, tailored security plan for your dealership. Your inventory and business will be in safe hands with AAA Security on the job.

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