How to Maintain School Security With Trained Guards

March 16, 2024

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You’ve got a tough job keeping schools safe for students and teachers. With more school violence in recent years, you know security is a top priority. But how do you provide real protection without turning schools into fortresses?

The answer lies in well-trained guards who understand the unique security needs of schools. Forget about hiring any old security personnel. You need guards specially prepared to nurture positive relationships and respond appropriately to threats.

This article will walk you through best practices for recruiting, screening, training, and managing guards ready to meet the challenges of school security.

With the right team using proven methods tailored for the school environment, you can create an atmosphere where learning happens without fear.

The safety of your schools depends on guards who know how to protect without disrupting education. Read on to learn how to find and develop those exceptional guards.

The Importance of School Security in Protecting Students

School security guards play a vital role in protecting students and creating a safe learning environment.

Well-Trained and Equipped Guards

With the increase in school violence, it’s critical that security guards are properly trained and equipped to handle emergency situations. Guards should be trained in areas like active shooter response, emergency medical aid, and de-escalation techniques.

They should also have the necessary equipment like radios to communicate with staff, first aid kits, and in some cases, firearms.

A Deterrent Against Threats

The presence of security guards acts as a deterrent against potential threats. Their visibility and authority make schools a less attractive target and discourage violent behavior.

Guards who actively monitor school grounds can also detect potential threats early and prevent incidents from occurring.

Building Relationships

Effective school security requires building relationships between guards, students, teachers, and the community. Guards should make an effort to engage with students and staff, learn the school layout and schedules, and stay up to date on any safety concerns.

Fostering these connections will make the school environment safer and help guards respond more efficiently in an emergency.

With well-trained security guards, the proper equipment, and strong relationships, schools can create a safe space for students to learn and grow. Security guards are instrumental in protecting schools, and they deserve support and resources to do their jobs effectively.

Hiring Professional Security Guards Trained for School Safety

Find Guards with the Right Mindset

When it comes to protecting schools, attitude is everything. Look for guards passionate about student safety who see the role as more than just a job. Guards able to connect with students and faculty, build relationships, and become a trusted part of the community will be far more effective.

Prioritize Proper Training

General security guard training isn’t enough. Insist on applicants with training specifically for school security, including courses on student mental health, conflict de-escalation, and emergency response. Well-trained guards will know how to spot potential threats, defuse tense situations, and react quickly in a crisis.

Conduct Thorough Background Checks

Extensive background checks, including psychological screening, are non-negotiable. Look into employment history, search for any criminal records, and verify all licenses and certifications. Once hired, continue evaluating guard performance and student/faculty feedback regularly.

Work Closely With Local Law Enforcement

Collaborate with local police to develop emergency plans and ensure guards and officers operate cohesively in the event of an incident. Invite officers to participate in guard training and drills. Close coordination will lead to the fastest, most effective response, which can save lives in a crisis.

With the right guards protecting students and staff, schools can focus on education instead of safety concerns. But never forget that vigilance and continuous improvement are key to keeping threats at bay. Schools and security teams must work hand in hand to cultivate an atmosphere where everyone feels secure to learn and grow.

School Security Guard Training and Certification Programs

To ensure the safety of students and staff, school security guards must receive proper training. Look for certification programs that cover critical areas like emergency response, de-escalation techniques, and situational awareness.

Emergency Response Training

Security guards need to know how to effectively respond in crisis situations. Training should cover areas like CPR, first aid, evacuations, and lockdowns.

With the proper emergency response training, guards will be prepared to take action in the event of medical emergencies, natural disasters, violence, or other threats.

De-Escalation Techniques

Security guards often interact with individuals who may be upset, angry or non-compliant. Training in de-escalation teaches guards how to calmly communicate in these situations to prevent conflict and defuse tension.

Techniques include staying calm and courteous, listening actively, setting clear expectations and seeking to understand the underlying issues.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is key for any security professional. Training should help guards develop keen observation skills so they can detect potential threats or risks.

This includes learning how to systematically observe people, entry/exit points and the overall environment. Situational awareness also teaches guards how to spot unusual behavior or items that could indicate criminal plans or activity.

With the proper training and certification in these critical areas, security guards can help create a safe learning environment where students and staff feel protected.

Be sure to verify the credentials of any security company before hiring to ensure they meet high standards for training and certification. The safety of schools depends on it.

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