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Boasting over two decades of expertise, AAA Security Guard Services stands as your trusted shield for comprehensive security solutions. Our meticulous selection process guarantees the recruitment of top-tier security professionals.

Explore our extensive array of security services in Argyle, TX, encompassing both armed and unarmed personnel, vigilant patrol units, temporary security details, and beyond. Our elite Argyle security guards are adept at managing access points, CCTV surveillance, alarm systems, crisis response, and other essential operations. Connect with us for steadfast and proficient security guard services in Argyle; reach out at (817) 458 0137.

Secure cost-effective security guard services in Argyle, customized to meet your unique security needs. Our team is on standby 24/7. Don’t hesitate—get in touch now for a personalized security quote!

Secure Your Home and Business with Our Best Security Guard Company

Argyle faces a significant challenge with property crimes exceeding 35,000 incidents each year, highlighting the critical demand for robust residential and commercial security measures. AAA Security Guard Service is at the forefront, offering tailored security strategies that leverage the expertise of our seasoned security guards in Argyle, TX.


For residential areas such as individual homes, gated communities, and condos, our security services are meticulously crafted to deter violence. Coupled with unparalleled customer support, we foster a sense of safety and security among residents. Our comprehensive reports, enriched with time-stamped visuals and audio documentation, effectively address all security incidents. Additionally, we assure the secure reception of packages during resident absences and provide relentless vigilance 24/7.


Our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive security across various commercial venues, including banks, retail outlets, industrial sites, and academic centers. Our security guards are extensively trained in both physical and cognitive skills, excelling in de-escalation techniques and adherence to protocols. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we proficiently identify unauthorized items and preempt security risks. Regular safety audits are conducted to ensure an unwaveringly secure atmosphere.

Our distinguished history of providing dependable security services ranks us among the elite security guard companies in Argyle, TX.

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Our Happy Clients

Hany Azer
Hany Azer
Great Service. Highly recommend it.
Mina Bassem
Mina Bassem
AAA Security Guards are thorough and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. I would be confident in recommending their services.
Christena Atef
Christena Atef
Thanks for the quick response, we asked for a fire watch during the Christmas holiday and they did a great job.
Maged Megally
Maged Megally
Hiring AAA guards for my task in Dallas was the best decision I made this year. Veryone in their team was professional and effective. I would highly recommend them. I definitely will use them in the future as needed.
Carlos Barrientos
Carlos Barrientos
Es una buena compañía el guardia se sun glass es de lo mejor
samo nageib
samo nageib
Thanks for the amazing security Service, very high recommended!

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