Limitations of Security Guards in Texas in

February 22, 2024

The Limitations of Security Guards in Texas What You Need to KnowEver wondered just how much authority security guards in Texas actually have? You see them patrolling malls, office buildings, and other private property acting like cops, but are they really allowed to stop, search, or detain people like police can?

As a Texan resident, it’s important to understand the legal limitations security guards operate under so you don’t get hassled for something they can’t legally do.

This article will break down what security guards can and can’t do when it comes to dealing with the public here in Texas. You may be surprised at some of the restrictions placed on guards, but knowing the laws can help protect your rights and safety during any encounters.

Understanding Security Guard Authority and Limitations in Texas

What Security Guards Can Do

As a security guard in Texas, you do have certain authority to protect people and property. You can monitor property for unauthorized access, conduct surveillance, question suspicious individuals, and escort people off the premises if needed. You can also detain someone who has committed a crime until the police arrive.

What Security Guards Can’t Do

However, there are strict limitations on a security guard’s authority. You cannot carry or use lethal weapons like firearms. You cannot make arrests or use force against someone unless it’s in self-defense or defense of others. You cannot search someone’s personal belongings or vehicle without their consent.

Knowing the Line

It’s important for security guards and clients to understand these limitations. While guards can serve as a deterrent against criminal behavior and take initial action if a crime is in progress, they do not have the same authority as police officers. Exceeding your legal authority can lead to criminal charges, lawsuits, and loss of your security guard license.

The key is finding the right balance between effectively protecting people and property without overstepping your limitations. With the proper training and oversight, security guards can legally and safely do their jobs in Texas. But when in doubt, it’s always best to contact the local police to handle law enforcement matters.

What Security Guards Can Legally Do in Texas

Monitor Property

As a security guard in Texas, you have the authority to monitor both public and private property for any suspicious activity or trespassers. You can ask people for identification and purpose of visit, inspect vehicles entering the property, and escort unauthorized individuals off the premises if needed.

Detain Trespassers

If you witness someone trespassing on the property, you have the right to temporarily detain them until police arrive. You must clearly inform the trespasser that they are not free to leave and immediately contact local authorities. Use of force is only allowed in self-defense or defense of others.

Enforce Rules

Property owners can authorize security guards to enforce any reasonable rules to ensure safety, like restricting parking areas or loitering. However, you cannot make up rules as you go – they must be officially established by the property owner or management.

Patrol Premises

An important part of a security guard’s job is conducting routine patrols of the property to check for any signs of intrusion or damage. During patrols, you should inspect all entry and exit points, storage areas, equipment, and restricted access zones. Report anything out of the ordinary immediately to the property owner or manager.

While security guards do have authority to monitor and secure property in Texas, there are also strict limits. You cannot carry or use weapons, make arrests, or use unnecessary force against others. If faced with a dangerous situation, contact local law enforcement right away. The safety of people and property should always come before taking matters into your own hands.

Security Guard Restrictions – Actions That Cross the Line

Using Excessive Force

Security guards are not legally allowed to use excessive force, even when confronting a threatening situation. Any force used must be reasonable and proportional to the threat. Excessive force could lead to criminal charges and lawsuits.

Carrying Firearms Without a License

In Texas, security guards cannot carry firearms without proper licensing and certification. Carrying a firearm without the proper license is illegal and could result in legal trouble for both the guard and the security company.

Detaining or Arresting Without Cause

Security guards do not have the authority to detain or arrest someone without probable cause that a crime has been committed. Doing so could be considered false imprisonment and lead to criminal charges. Security guards should only detain someone if a crime has clearly been committed and the proper authorities have been contacted.

Conducting Unlawful Searches

Security guards cannot conduct searches of people or property without consent or a valid warrant. Any evidence obtained through an unlawful search could be inadmissible in court. Security guards should only conduct searches in emergency situations or with proper authorization from the authorities.

The job of a security guard is to observe, detect, and report unlawful activity to the proper authorities. Taking the law into their own hands by using excessive force, making unlawful arrests, or violating people’s rights can have serious legal consequences. Security guards should know and operate within the limits of their authority.

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