Enhancing Workplace Security with Unarmed Security Guard Services

September 1, 2023

unarmed security

Have you ever walked into an office building or workplace and noticed the security guards stationed around the lobby or front entrance? Chances are, they were unarmed. Unarmed security guards play a vital role in ensuring safety and security for many businesses. As a business owner or facility manager, you may wonder how these unarmed professionals can effectively protect employees, visitors, and assets. The truth is, their presence alone deters unwanted activity and provides peace of mind. Beyond that, unarmed guards monitor surveillance systems, control access, and respond to incidents with a level head – all while maintaining an approachable demeanor. Across sectors, unarmed security personnel have become a key component of workplace risk management plans. Their support allows daily operations to run smoothly and without disruption. If you haven’t considered unarmed security, it may be worth a second look. The benefits to your business and workplace environment could be huge.

The Vital Role of Unarmed Security Guards in Workplace Safety

Unarmed security guards play a vital role in ensuring safety within workplaces. Their duties include:

  • Monitoring the premises and access points. Unarmed guards control who enters and exits, checking IDs and managing access control systems.
  • Observing surveillance cameras. Unarmed guards keep a close eye on live security feeds, detecting suspicious behavior or unauthorized access.
  • Responding to incidents. Unarmed guards are trained to properly respond to emergencies like medical events, fires, theft, vandalism or trespassing. They alert emergency responders and help evacuate the area if needed.
  • Maintaining a professional presence. The mere presence of unarmed security guards deters criminal behavior and provides employees and visitors with a sense of security. Guards present themselves in a helpful yet authoritative manner.

Businesses across sectors benefit greatly from unarmed security guards. They provide an additional layer of protection for company assets, employees, customers and facilities. Unarmed guards are a cost-effective way to improve workplace safety, allowing businesses to operate with confidence.

Overall, unarmed security guards play an integral part in protecting workplaces. They monitor, detect, deter and respond to ensure the safety of all people and property within a business. For any organization, unarmed security guards are a prudent investment in workplace security.

Key Duties and Responsibilities of Unarmed Guards

Unarmed security guards play a vital role in keeping your workplace safe. Their main duties include:

  • Monitoring the premises and controlling access. Unarmed guards keep an eye out for unauthorized individuals and verify ID badges to allow entry only to authorized staff.
  • Observing surveillance cameras. Unarmed guards monitor security cameras for signs of criminal behavior or policy violations and alert the appropriate personnel if issues arise.
  • Responding to incidents. Though unarmed, these guards are trained to properly handle emergencies like medical events, accidents, and disturbances. They alert emergency responders when needed and help evacuate the area.
  • Maintaining a professional presence. Unarmed guards provide visible security for employees and visitors, helping people feel safe in a non-threatening way. Their uniform and conduct convey a sense of authority without intimidation.

For many businesses, unarmed security guards are a cost-effective way to boost safety, protect assets, and give employees peace of mind. Their presence deters criminal behavior and allows staff to focus on their work. Unarmed guards help create an environment where both employees and customers feel secure.

How Businesses Benefit From AAA Security Guard Services’ Unarmed Officers

Unarmed security guards provide many benefits to businesses. Their presence alone acts as a deterrent against theft, vandalism, and other criminal behavior. At the same time, unarmed officers maintain an open, friendly, and non-confrontational demeanor that puts employees and visitors at ease.

Cost-Effective Solution

Businesses of any size can afford professional unarmed security services. Officers require minimal equipment and training, reducing costs compared to armed guards or high-tech security systems alone. Unarmed officers are also highly adaptable, able to handle a range of duties from access control and monitoring cameras to emergency response and incident reporting. With a relatively small investment, businesses gain round-the-clock protection of people, property, and assets.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Unarmed guards actively patrol premises, monitor for any suspicious activity, and conduct regular checks of access points, storage areas, and restricted zones. They ensure emergency exits are clear, fire alarms and sprinkler systems are functioning properly, and any reported issues get resolved promptly. With an unarmed security presence, businesses benefit from minimized risks, quicker response times in emergencies, and overall enhanced safety for everyone inside the facilities. Employees and visitors feel more at ease knowing there are trained professionals actively ensuring their wellbeing.

Professional Image

The presence of unarmed security guards, especially at building entrances, conveys a professional image to employees, visitors, and clients. Their professional attire and courteous conduct make a good first impression and positively impact the company’s brand. People feel welcomed yet also assured they are entering a safe, monitored environment. For many businesses, cultivating this type of professional image and customer experience is vital to their success.

Contact Us Today for Enhancing Your Workplace Safety

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Professional and Non-Threatening

Our unarmed security guards maintain a professional yet friendly demeanor that puts employees and visitors at ease. They monitor access points and surveillance cameras, conduct regular patrols, and respond to incidents, all without an intimidating presence. Their role is preventative and supportive rather than confrontational.

Deter Crime and Defuse Situations

The visible presence of security guards acts as a deterrent against criminal behavior and workplace violence. They are also trained to defuse tense situations through respectful communication before issues escalate. Guards can alert managers, call emergency responders if needed, and properly handle sensitive situations.

Cost-Effective Solution

Unarmed security guards offer an affordable option for workplace security. They do not require the expensive equipment, certifications, and liability insurance that armed security necessitates. For many businesses, unarmed guards sufficiently meet basic security needs at a lower cost.

Customized for Your Needs

We work with companies across sectors to develop a security plan tailored to their specific workplace. Unarmed guards can assist with access control, monitoring, emergency response, and various other duties depending on a business’s needs and risks. Contact us to discuss how we can enhance safety at your workplace with professional, unarmed security.

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