Do Armed Guards Provide the Best Security in Texas?

February 27, 2024

Unarmed Security Alternatives for Effective Protection in TexasYou’ve probably seen them around town – those sharp dressed security guards packing heat as they patrol the perimeter. Something about their stiff posture and cold stares makes you feel secure, like nothing bad can happen on their watch.

But do more guns really equal more safety? Or is our faith in armed guards just a Texas-sized myth? Strap on your spurs and mosey with us through the facts as we unpack whether “packing heat” truly prevents violence, or if a little peacemaking might serve us better. Saddle up partners, it’s time to debunk the Lone Star legend of the armed guard!

The Myth of Armed Guards and Public Safety in Texas

Many Texans believe that armed guards make public places safer, but research shows otherwise. According to studies by criminologists, there is little evidence that armed guards actually deter violence or criminal activity. In fact, their presence may escalate tensions and lead to more violence.

Despite this, many businesses in Texas hire armed security guards to patrol their premises, believing they will scare off potential threats. But most security guards receive little training and are poorly paid, often earning just over minimum wage. They are not professionally equipped or prepared to handle violent crises.

In reality, armed security guards often lack both the skills and legal authority to properly protect the public or subdue threats. They are not police officers and do not have the power to arrest or use force beyond self-defense. Yet their visible weapons may provoke or intensify violence, posing risks to bystanders.

Of course, some security is better than none. But armed guards are not the solution many Texans think they are. Our state would be safer investing in better training, higher pay, and closer oversight of private security to avoid the dangers of vigilante justice. Most of all, we must work to reduce threats of violence in the first place through social and economic reforms, not by escalating an arms race in our streets and neighborhoods.

The Risks and Liabilities of Having Armed Guards for Security

Lack of Proper Training

Many armed guards lack the proper training to handle firearms responsibly. Without rigorous training, the likelihood of accidents or poor judgment increases dramatically. Do you really want someone who took a short training course to have a loaded weapon?

Increased Tensions

The presence of armed guards can escalate tensions and increase the possibility of violence. Their visible weapons may provoke confrontations that otherwise would not have occurred.

Having armed security guards also exposes companies to significant legal liabilities. If a guard injures or kills an innocent person, the company can face lawsuits and criminal charges. Accidents and mistakes happen, and the consequences are often tragic.

A False Sense of Security

Some argue that armed guards provide an effective deterrent against crime, but there is little evidence to support this view. In reality, they often provide a false sense of security, as many criminals are undeterred by their presence. Non-violent measures like improved lighting, security cameras and an increased police presence are typically more effective at preventing crime.

While some facilities may benefit from armed security, the risks and costs generally outweigh the rewards. Companies should think twice before assuming that guns equal safety. A non-violent approach is usually the smarter choice.

Unarmed Alternatives for Effective Security in Texas

Crisis intervention training

Many security professionals are now opting for crisis intervention training to gain skills in de-escalation and communication. Crisis intervention specialists are trained to identify and respond to someone in crisis to prevent violence. Instead of confronting a threatening individual with force, crisis intervention training teaches security guards to remain calm, ask open-ended questions, listen actively and speak in a gentle, reassuring tone.

Nonviolent crisis intervention

The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention program provides training for security personnel to handle crisis situations through de-escalation, not confrontation. It teaches guards how to stay safe while helping individuals in crisis connect with needed support services. Security guards learn strategies to defuse a crisis situation through respect, communication and problem-solving. Many organizations in Texas have found nonviolent crisis intervention an effective alternative to armed security.

Rather than relying on armed guards which often escalates violence, these alternative approaches to security emphasize connecting with people in crisis, addressing underlying issues, and resolving conflicts peacefully through open communication and mediation. For many situations, these unarmed methods have been shown to be safer and more effective in providing long-term security solutions.

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