Commercial Security Guards: Why They’re The Best

February 13, 2024

Protect Your Business with Commercial Security Guards!

Running a business in Texas is an exciting opportunity to be your own boss and make your mark. But it also comes with risks that require smart planning. Protecting your livelihood starts with securing your property, employees, and customers. This is where commercial security guards can make all the difference.

Hiring professional security allows you to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about safety. In this article, we’ll explore the typical duties security guards perform and the types you can bring on board. You’ll learn the top five reasons security guards are a smart investment for your company’s future in the Lone Star State.

From preventing crime to improving customer service, security guards act as the first line of defense for your business. They provide an immediate response to incidents and give customers peace of mind. When you run a Texas-tough establishment, you need security with the same grit and vigilance.

Let’s dive into how security guards can protect what you’ve worked hard to build so you can keep your eyes on the big Texan horizon. With the right protection plan, you can brand your business as the safest place in town for your employees and customers.

Typical Duties of Commercial Security Guards

Typical commercial security guard services protect and safeguard people and property. They act quickly in crises and patrol the area to ensure safety. Depending on the business’s requirements, guards may welcome visitors, escort personnel through parking lots, and monitor the premises for any security threats, like unlocked doors and windows

Monitor CCTV Cameras and Alarm Systems

Security guards keep a close eye on live footage from any security cameras and respond immediately if they spot any suspicious activity. They also monitor alarm systems to ensure there are no breaches. At the first sign of trouble, they contact the authorities

Conduct Regular Patrols

Security guards conduct routine patrols of the commercial property and surrounding areas like parking lots. During patrols, they check for any signs of criminal activity or safety hazards that need to be addressed. They also ensure all entry and exit points are properly secured.

Screen Visitors and Issue ID Badges

Security guards verify the identity of all visitors before allowing them access into the building. They check visitors in, issue temporary ID badges, and direct visitors to the appropriate area or staff member. Strict access control helps prevent unwanted individuals from entering the premises

Respond to Emergencies

Security guards are trained in emergency response procedures like CPR, fire safety, and evacuation. They can quickly take control of a situation, contact emergency responders, and ensure the safety of all people on site until the authorities arrive. Their ability to respond fast in a crisis can help minimize damage and save lives

Deter Crime

The presence of security guards acts as a strong deterrent against criminal behavior. Their visibility, authority and ability to monitor suspicious activity and respond immediately discourages potential thieves, vandals and trespassers.

Types of Security Guards to Hire for Your Business

Armed Guards

Armed security guards carry firearms and are ideal for high-risk businesses or locations with higher crime rates. They can deter criminal activities like theft, vandalism, and violence. Armed guards undergo specialized training to properly handle firearms. They also have licenses to carry guns.

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed guards do not carry weapons but are still effective in preventing undesirable events. They are suitable for businesses in areas with lower crime levels. Unarmed security guards rely on their physical presence, observation skills, and communication abilities to deter unlawful acts. They undergo training to handle confrontations and emergencies properly without using force.

Overnight Security Guards

Overnight security guards monitor your business after operating hours. They patrol the area, check for any signs of intrusion, and ensure all entry points are secured. Overnight guards allow you to have security coverage 24/7. They can also respond quickly to any alarms that go off at night.

Security Guard Teams

For maximum protection, you can hire a team of security guards to monitor your business. A security team often consists of a combination of armed and unarmed guards, including a supervisor. They work together to provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Teams can also cover more ground, allowing for more frequent patrols.

Overall, the type of security guard you need depends on your business requirements and location. Reputable commercial security guard services can evaluate your needs and recommend the best options to keep your company, employees, and assets safe. With them protecting your business, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

5 Reasons You Need Commercial Security Guard Services

Starting a business allows you to become your own boss, increase your income, and gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that you may not get in a typical office job. It’s also a perfect opportunity to develop valuable skills. However, you must know how to protect your business because your employees and other assets can be a high target for criminal activities. Fortunately, commercial security guard services can act as a first line of defense against theft, vandalism, and fire.

Ensure a Quick Response

A business’s speed in reacting to unwanted situations can speak volumes about its professional image. Unlike waiting for the police to arrive, a security guard can respond immediately because they’re already on the premises. Guards can also administer CPR and first aid in emergencies.

Prevent Crime

Well-trained security guards deter crime far better than any security system. They shield you from burglary, robbery, vandalism, and other avoidable events. Overnight and team guards offer added protection. Discuss your needs to create the best plan.

Gain a Heightened Sense of Security

Customers feel safer and are more likely to recommend and return to commercial properties with visible security. Guards patrol the area and monitor for any threats, like unlocked doors or windows. They act quickly in crises to ensure safety.

Ensure Building Security

Security guards protect people and property. They welcome visitors, escort personnel to parking lots, and deter criminal activity. Unarmed guards may suit lower-crime areas. Armed guards are better for high-crime locations. You can choose what’s right for your business.

Improve Customer Service

Customers appreciate feeling secure while shopping or conducting business. Visible security helps put customers at ease so they can focus on why they came to your establishment.

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